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Chinese people

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Chinese People
Chinese people are peaceful, hardworking and easily contented. They respect elders, love children and are patient with their fellows. Chinese in general are reserve and humble. They believe in harmony and never look for confrontation.

History has told that Chinese is non-invasive. During the period of British and the west expanding their powers to Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand, China became the target of the G8 invasion.

Chinese are very proud of their civilized society since the early day. They are open and pragmatic towards differences in religions and culture. Foreigners are welcome and being treated more fairly. China have been very receptive to Jews in the early days in Kaifung city and later in Shanghai when they were rejected by other countries during the World War II. .

China has long history or even a painful past. The fact is that China today is still very poor and most of the Chinese are still living in poverty. It is time for Chinese to work together that China will progress with other nations and their people can live happily and peacefully from hereafter.

Tea culture is very Chinese. Yet Chinese enjoy drinking coffee too. There is no point to compare which one is better. Both are good as long as you enjoy it. Both are bad if you hate it.

We respect every culture and have no intention to force our liking upon others.

What Makes China Different
"The prestige of the state and its popular identification with the highest values of Chinese civilization were not accidents; they were the final result of a centuries-long program of indoctrination and education directed by the Confucian scholar-officials. Traditional Chinese society can be distinguished from other pre-modern civilizations to the extent that the state, rather than organized religious groups or ethnic segments of society, was able to appropriate the symbols of wisdom, morality, and the common good."


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