General Admission Procedure

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General Admission Procedure

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:29 pm

Students who have cleared their F.Sc or equivalent examination from any college of Pakistan, India or abroad are eligible for admission in Universities and Colleges of China for MBBS course. Students who are awaiting their FSc examination results can also apply with a attestation that if they happen to score less than 60% marks in their examination, they will be refused admission. If they have already arrived in China, their admission and visa will be cancelled and they have to go back to their own country. They will not be returned 1 semester fee (including the hostel). Any university will bear no responsibility, whatsoever, for the wastage of money and time.

Students who are already studying in some medical colleges in their countries, and want to transfer their credits are hereby told not to apply in any of the College or University in China, because no institution offers such a facitity of transferring the credits.

All students must submit their application on a prescribed form, filled in by the student and signed by the parent/guardian to the consultant authorized by the University or directly to the university, if there is an online procedure for admission exists, make use of that. All the consultants will charge some consultancy fee, different for different universities and area. This consultancy fee has nothing to do with the institution and the agents are responsible for such a fee. This fee includes the service charges, he or she is offering to the student. Apart from this fee, no one is entitled by the University to ask for any other charges and it is advisable to all concerned that the tuition plus the hostel fee of the University should be deposited directly to the University in China. It should not be deposited in any bank of Pakistan, India or any other country as no such accounts of any University exists.

All candidates applying for admission to any University in China usually fulfill the following requirements:

He/She must possess a valid passport of his/her country.
He/She has passed F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) or equivalent examination with at least 60% unadjusted marks.
He/She applies to the official representative of the University.

The admission in Universities is based on "First come, First Get" basis and is not dependant upon a merit list. It may happen that a candidate with less marks is given admission and, due to non-availability of seats, a higher marks student is refused.

Criteria for admission:

Eligibility: F.Sc. (Pre Med:)/A level with at least 60% unadjusted marks.

Seats: The total number of seats are variable but usually is between 50-100. Equal opportunity for male and female.

Other Expenses in addition to Tuition fee and Hostel charges

All students must take into consideration the following expenses:

Food approximate cost US$600 per year
Pocket money US$600 per year
Books US$100 per year
Plus the air fare.

Every student must apply with the following documents;

FSc (pre-medical) detailed marks sheet or original certificate properly endorsed by the foreign office of respective country.
Matriculation detailed marks sheet or original certificate properly endorsed by the foreign office of respective country.
Photocopy of the ID card of the parent/guardian.
Photocopy of a valid passport for at least 3 years.
5 attested recent passport size colored photographs.
Application processing fee.
Contact details (address, e. mail, phone numbers)

At the end of the last date, a list will be prepared and admissions will be offered to eligible candidates. There will neither be en entry test in Pakistan or India nor in China. Admissions are offered exclusively on the basis of FSc or equivalent examination marks. The students who will be selected and thus have taken admission will have to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa in the Chinese embassy;

Police verification certificate from the Chief of Police of his/her area.
3 colored recent passport size photographs.
Blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV from any authentic laboratory.
Medical certificate of fitness from any government hospital.
Valid passport

After they are approved admission by the University, the students will be sent a JW-202 forms (an invitation by the University to get a visa in the Chinese Embassy) within one month. They will also be sent an official acceptance letter by the University. They have to take these 2 along with the above mentioned documents with them when they are visiting Chinese embassy for application of the visa. They will be provided with the visa within 3-5 days of time from the Embassy.


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