Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang

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Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang

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Location & Info Hebei Medical University is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, North China Plain. It consists of the original Hebei Medical College, Hebei Provincial College of Traditional Medicine and Shijiazhuang Medical College, which were combined in 1995. Of them the original Hebei Medical College was established the earliest and grew out of the Hebei Medical School which was set up in 1915. The original Hebei Provincial College of Traditional Medicine and Shijiazhuang Medical College were established in 1958, with a history of about forty years. After eighty years development and evolution, Hebei Medical University has become a comprehensive medical university composed of western medicine, traditional medicine, pharmacy and other subjects. It has 14 colleges, and 15 specialities. The university has Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Postdoctoral Research Institutions. It has been authorized in conferring Ph.D. degree in 14 and master degree in 47 specialities. There are 9781 full-time students in school, 6728 adult students, and nearly 50 foreign students from South Korea and Japan and so on. Now it has been qualified to enroll students from Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao. Hebei Medical University, established in 1894, is the most early university in Modern China. The University built in the Shijiazhuang city that the capital of Hebei province. The University covers such major subjects as Modern Medicine and Pharmaceutics with the perfect integration of educatio, clinical practice and research. The faculty is made up of 550 professors, 1160 assistant professors and one member of China Academy of Engineering. The current enrollment is 20,000 students. The university library consists of over 10,00,000 volumes, The attached university hospitals have over 4000 sickbeds, 8 kinds of magazines and 60 teaching hospitals.

Weather Although located at the eastern fringe of the Eurasia continent and bordering the Bohai Sea, Shijiazhuang is affected more by the winds from the inland Republic of Mongolia and Siberia in the far north. The city has a relatively moderate climate all year round, except for the occasional seasonal monsoon, and the even more infrequent summer heat waves. Generally speaking the best time to visit the city is in autumn when the heat is pleasant and the inclement weather (rain/wind/snow) has yet to settle in.

Contact(s) for Admission Add: B-3, Amar Stambh Complex, Zone-I, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal Mobile: 09826889136, 09977704520 e-mail: yrsing_mact@yahoo.co.in

Admission step 1. registration: complete application form submit mark-sheet of class x, xi, xii and certificate of class x and xii. and 4 photostat copies of each document attested by gazetteed officer. 10 passport size photographs two of which be attested. step 2: health check up and medical certificate. step 3: confirmation of admission: after the confirmation letter from the college, admission is confirmed, student needs to pay the remaining sum of processing charge and have to get his/her jw202 form. step 4: students need to submit their passport to our office so that we can procure the visa. step 5: journey: students need to pay the air ticket charge and other travel expenses in cash after which we book the ticket. after the booking of air ticket, emigration clearance is get done by us. after the clearance, our consultants help students get the dollar and traveler's cheque in the cheapest selling rate. finally our consultants personally accompany the students to the college.

Whether Listed in Government approved 30 Universities' list HMU Shijiazhuang is among the 30 govt approved universities.

Foreign Students Program: HMU foreign students program started in March 2007. Currently 1 batch of Indian students are studying here.

Tuition Fee Medical fitness test and Residency Permit: US$ 170 , Medical Insurance: US$ 50, University Registration: US$ 20, Bedding Fee (approx): US$ 40, Caution Deposit: US$ 50, First Year Tuition Fee: US$ 3000, First Year Library Fee: US$ 20, First Year Hostel Fee US$ 500, First Year Mess Fee US $ 500, First Year to fourth year Expenses in China: US$ 4350, Fifth year (6 months) Expenses in China: US$ 2175

Hostel: Students are facilitated with a high standard accommodation facility with each room attached with a balcony and a bathroom for every two students with cable TV, electricity, fast internet access, telephone, washing machine, bed, air-conditioner, shower machine, water dispenser, bathroom with hot/cold water shower, beddings, desks, and chairs. There are separate hostel for boys and girls with high security arrangement and strict prohibition for boys to enter into girls' hostel.

Travel to Shijiazhuang - The students who will be selected and thus have taken admission will have to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa in the Chinese embassy; Police verification certificate from the Chief of Police of his/her area. 3 colored recent passport size photographs. Blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV from any authentic laboratory. Medical certificate of fitness from any government hospital. Valid passport After they are approved admission by the University, the students will be sent a JW-202 forms (an invitation by the University to get a visa in the Chinese Embassy) within one month. They will also be sent an official acceptance letter by the University. They have to take these 2 along with the above mentioned documents with them when they are visiting Chinese embassy for application of the visa. They will be provided with the visa within 3-5 days of time from the Embassy. After the visa is stamped, they must take one way ticket to Beijing. Then from airport, college bus will take students to Hebei University, a 2 hours drive on motorway.

Food in the city
A mess is available for foreign nationals where pure Indian foods are served with segregated facility for vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Shopping in the city Although not on a par with the 'shopping paradise' that is Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, as a modern provincial capital city, is at least a pleasant place for shopping due to the department stores and shopping malls it contains.
Department Stores -
Shijiazhuang has department stores aplenty. They are distributed along most of the main streets in urban areas like Zhongshan Road and Zhonghua Avenue. Various goods including international brand clothes, cosmetics and IT products can be found here. Recommended Places: Future Mall Address: No.326, Zhongshan Road (East), Shijiazhuang City Bus routes: 5, 35, 41, 42, 34, 39 Dongfang City Plaza Address: No.83, Zhongshan Road (West), Shijiazhuang City Bus routes: 1, 5, 6, 16, 30, 31, 34 Opening hours: 09:30~20:30 (from Monday to Thursday) 09:30~22:00 (from Friday to Sunday) Beiguo Commercial Building Address: No.188, Zhongshan Road (East), Shijiazhuang City Bus routes: 1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 26, 18, 29, 30, 34, 301, 106, 112 Xinbai Plaza Address: No.139, Zhongshan Road (West), Shijiazhuang City Bus routes: 11, 16, 17, 18, 25, 28, 29, 301, 302, 31, 35, 5, 6 Super Markets Most of the super markets in Shijiazhuang are run by their local company. They are famous for the considerate service and plenty of goods. You can buy the daily use commodities in a favorable price here.


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