Zhengzhou Medical University, Hunan

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Zhengzhou Medical University, Hunan

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Location & Info On July 10th, 2000, new Zhengzhou university was founded through the Merger of 3 universities: Zhenghou University, Zhengzhou university of Technology & Henan Medical Univevsity. Zhengzhou University is a key university selected for the national "211" Project in which the Chinese government is energetically focusing on financial assistance and encouraging academic development and expansion during the 21 st century. The new Zhengzhou Universi1y covers an area of more than 4.7 km2. It has 4 campuses and the new campus covers an area of more than 2.9 km2. The university has 83 specialties for under-graduates, 126 specialties for postgraduates, 18 special ities for doctorates and 7 postdoctoral mobile stations. There are more than 40,000 students total in the university. Among them more than 3,000 are postgraduate and doctoral students. There are more than 1,100 professors or associate professors. Every year Zhengzhou University takes many national and provincial key scientific and research projects. Zhengzhou University places great importance on academic exchange and cooperation with foreign universities. The university has already built good cooperating relationship with 38 world famous universities in the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and other countries.

Weather - With a warm temperate continental climate, the annual average temperature of Zhengzhou is about 14.3 C (about 57.7 F). The climate is comfortable, with bright sunshine and a clear distinction between the four seasons. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of about 27.3 C (about 81.1 F), while the coldest month is January, with an average temperature around minus 0.2 C (about 31.6 F) winter in Zhengzhou is cold though seldom snowy. However, rainfall is abundant during summer. Autumn is usually sunny and with long daytimes and is the best season for your travel to the city. If you are interested in visiting Zhengzhou in winter, heavy clothing is necessary, though sweaters and a jacket are enough during spring and autumn.

Contact(s) for Admission - Brain Heart Education Consultancy F-4, Royal House, 9, Press Complex, Zone-1, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal 4620011 Phone :+91 94255-23768, 91 0755-2768028 TeleFax:+91 0755-4244852 Mobile : +91 94255-23768 E-Mail:dubeysunilkumar@yahoo.co.in info@bhecbpl.com Web : www.bhecbpl.com

Admission Eligibility Criterion: Should have completed 12th Standard successfully with at least 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology(PCB) group.SC/ST/OBC students are allowed up to 40% in the PCB group. PCB + English aggregate should be at least 50% in the 12th standard. SC/ST/OBC students are allowed up to 40% for the same. Must be 17 years of age on 31st December of year of joining. Documents to be submitted: Application form to be filled with complete details and submitted. 10th, 11th and 12th standard Marks Cards should be enclosed(Originals plus one set of photocopies). Migration (Also called as Transfer Certificates, school Leaving Certificates.), 6 passport size photographs(latest copies). Physical fitness certificate issued by authorized doctors. Copy of Passport. Caste Certificate to be submitted in case of SC/ST/OBC categories. Registration fee of Rs. 38,500/- only payable to BRAIN HEART EDUCATION CONSULTANCY, Bhopal by DD/Cash adjustable in the final payment structure). The submitted documents of the students are sent to the Medical Council of India(MCI) for procuring the eligibility Certificates. Next, the documents are sent to the Lioning Medical University for admission processing. The admission letter of the students is procured along with appropriate break up of the fee structre for 4-12 years. Next, the pre-approved Student's Visa in favour of the students is processed by the Lioning Medical University and duly dispatched. The departure date to China is intimated to the students and they will be expected to be completely ready for flying onward to China for their respective medical education in the due time. All the students will be gathered at a common location for an orientation and introduction program before flying to China.

Whether Listed in Government approved 30 Universities' list Zhenzhou Medical University is among 30 universities approved for foreign students' enrolment.

Foreign Students Program: English medium MBBS program.
Zhengzhou University began to enroll international students in 1983. It is a special institution for enrolling, training foreign students and promoting overseas educational cooperation with foreign institutions. Now there are 700 Foreign Students at SIE. Among them 56 are postgraduates and remaining are undergraduates. In them 400 students are mainly from India. Others are from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Tuition Fee
1st Year : $ 3445 (Rs. 1,56,000.00 - Tuition fee : $ 1800 + Accommodation : $ 700 + Food and Stationary : $ 500 + Resident Permit : $ 105 + Registering & Entering fee : $ 240 + Health Check up & Insurance : $ 100) (Tuition Fee - $ 1800 + $ 700 = $ 2500 - Demand Draft/Cheque payable to Concern University) ($ 500 + $ 105 + $ 240 + $100 = $ 945 - Demand Draft/Cheque payable to BHERC/Brain Heart Education & Research Centre) Plus Rs. 1,44,500.00 to be paid in India in three installments (includes one way Air-Fare, Airport Tax, Eligibility Certificate from MCI, VISA, Train/Bus Ticket, Admission letter etc.) Ist Installment - Rs. 24,500.00 ( Registration Charge, Rs. 4,500.00 Non refundable) IInd Installment - Rs. 60,000.00 ( Processing Fee i.e. one way Air-Fare, Airport Tax, Eligibility Certificate from MCI, VISA, Train/Bus Ticket, Admission letter etc.) IIIrd Installment - Rs. 60,000.00 (Processing Fee i.e. one way Air-Fare, Airport Tax, Eligibility Certificate from MCI, VISA, Train/Bus Ticket, Admission letter etc.) (Rs. 1,44,500.00 - Demand Draft/Cheque payable to BHERC/Brain Heart Education & Research Centre) 1st year Total : Rs. 3,00,500.00

2nd Year : $ 3105 (Rs. 1,40,000.00) (Tuition fee : $ 1800 + Accommodation : $ 700 + Food and Stationary : $ 500 + Resident Permit : $ 105)

3rd Year : $ 3105 (Rs. 1,40,000) (Tuition fee : $ 1800 + Accommodation : $ 700 + Food and Stationary: $ 500 + Resident Permit : $ 105)

4th Year : $ 3105 (Rs. 1,40,000) (Tuition fee : $ 1800 + Accommodation : $ 700 + Food and Stationary : $ 500 + Resident Permit : $ 105)

5th Year : $ 1605 (Rs. 72,000) (Tuition fee : $ 900 + Accommodation : $ 350 + Food and Stationary : $ 250 + Resident Permit : $ 105)

One year of Internship follows thereafter. Location of Internship is optional and can be done in China or in India. In China, Internship cost is as follows : $ 1100 (includes accommodation and food). The overall cost includes Tuition fees, accommodation and food for 4 years.

Hostel: The Foreign Hostel of Zhengzhou University is open to all international students. The hostel is very well equipped and offers good service. Each room has a private shower, bath and toilet, AC, central heating facilities, TV set and telephone. There are also five public washing machines and a well equipped kitchen on each floor. Hostel fees various according to campuses. At the new campus, the hostel fee is 800 USD for the year. For lift maintenance 50 USD for year is charged. Each student has to pay 400 RMB as a caution deposit which is refundable whenever student wants to check out. There are bank, post office, super market, internet, dining hall, hospital and sports facilities very near to the international student's hostel. This is very convenient place for student life.

Travel to Zhengzhou - The students who will be selected and thus have taken admission will have to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa in the Chinese embassy; Police verification certificate from the Chief of Police of his/her area. 3 colored recent passport size photographs. Blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV from any authentic laboratory. Medical certificate of fitness from any government hospital. Valid passport After they are approved admission by the University, the students will be sent a JW-202 forms (an invitation by the University to get a visa in the Chinese Embassy) within one month. They will also be sent an official acceptance letter by the University. They have to take these 2 along with the above mentioned documents with them when they are visiting Chinese embassy for application of the visa. They will be provided with the visa within 3-5 days of time from the Embassy. After the visa is stamped, they must take one way ticket from to Beijing to Zhengzhou. After landing on Zhengzhou airport, the University bus will be waiting to pick them up.

Food in the city A separate meal arrangement for vegetarians and Muslims is there right inside the campus. Although, city is full of restaurants offering variety of meals for everyone.

Shopping in the city Zhengzhou is not one of China's larger cities, but you can find a good selection of markets and department stores within the city zone. Zhengzhou has been a commercial city for centuries and today, it is the business center of Middle China due to its transportation advantages. The city's commercial streets include Er' qi Lu, Taikang Lu, Renmin Lu and Jiefang Lu and these are mainly located in the northeastern area adjacent to the railway station. Currently, Er' qi Commercial area is the most prosperous and popular commercial location in Zhengzhou.


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