Shenyang Medical College, Shenyang, Liaoning

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Shenyang Medical College, Shenyang, Liaoning

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Location & Info Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province and has a population of over 7 million and an area of 13,000 sq. km. As one of the largest metropolitan areas and most important industrial bases in China, Shenyang is also the economic, cultural, scientific, technological, commercial and transportation center of Northeast China. Shenyang is proud of her long history, which can be traced back over 7,200 years. There are many sites of interest to tourists and visitors including the famous Xinle Neolithic Relics, Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty, Imperial Tombs, and an ancient Shengjing Street. Nearby there is an ancient meteorite mountain, a Magic Slope, and the Qipanshan Scenic Zone, which have become valuable tourism resources Shenyang Medical College offering mbbs in china is a 57 year old china Medical College located in Shenyang . Liaoning Province, China. Shenyang Medical College is one among top ranking medical colleges in china offering mbbs in China with English medium for International students. The School offers 5 year MBBS Program for International students come from various countries USA, UK, UAE, Africa, India, Pakistan, etc. The five year MBBSincludes 1 year medical internship in its hospitals with more than 3000 beds. These students are taught with International Curriculum based on the syllabus tuned to be in parallel with USMLE, PLAB and MCI exams. Now it has established a multi-level education system involving bachelor degree education, advanced diploma education, and adult education. Up to now, it has successively turned out more than 20,000 medical graduates and it is proud of its contribution to the social and economical development as well as the development of medical and health services. The mbbs program offered is a unique program which is been taught only in few leading colleges in china. Hostel facilities are available for boys and girls separately within the campus. The location of the college within the Shenyang city enables the students to get access to their day-to-day needs like bank, shopping centers, etc. Shenyang Medical college offers 5.5 year Medical program (MBBS Program) to foreign students in English medium . The college has been authorized to enroll international students my the ministry of education, China and is one among the top ranking collrges in China with such program; it possesses a team of the experienced faculty who are experienced at educating international students for a long period of time. More and more young potential talents are attracted to study at the college by its wonderful living and study conditions with International Standards. So far, many students from various countries including USA, Canada, UK, Pakistan, India, UAE, Africa, South America, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. have been recruited to study the International MBBS 5.5 Year course which includes 1 year clinical internship in Leading Hospitals of China which are associated to the College. The college is listed in the directory of The World Health Organisation (WHO) and its students are eligible to appear for the USMLE and PLAB exams which are the qualifying exams to practice medicine in USA and UK. the Students from Countries like India & Pakistan are also eligible to practice in their countries after writing the screening exams conducted for the students who study MBBS in Unternational Medical Schhols. Its effective and systematic teaching with its core syllabus based on the Internationally acceptable curriculum has become an important base for the international students who wish to study in China and then write the exams like USMLE, PLAB, MCI exams. The teaching standards and international educational system in Shenyang Medical College are the most important aspects for students who study MBBS in China.

Weather - Shenyang has a typical continental climate with long winters, warm summers and short autumns and springs. Its climate is similar to that of Montreal in Canada or St. Petersburg in Russia. The climate of Shenyang region is temperate subhumid continental climate, the four seasons are clear with the highest atmospheric temperature in July when the average monthly air temperature is 24.0, and the lowest atmospheric temperature in January when the average monthly air temperature is -8.5.

Contact(s) for Admission
A student can apply online at and

Admission International students are eligible to study the MBBS program if they have passed their 10 + 2 level Higher Secondary school education with an average of 50% and above in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. Students with Degree/Diploma level education are also accepted provided that, they qualify the above mentioned criteria in their 10 + 2 level Higher Secondary school education which is the basic requirement for any student who wish to study at Shenyang Medical University. The Students can Apply Online to our International Admissions Office in India. After checking your eligibility to join the MBBS course, you will be provided with the Application Form. You can fill in the application form and send it to our International admissions office along with the other documents required. Your Application will be now verified by the Admission officials of the college you will be informed about your acceptance. If Accepted, You will pay the Application and Admission Fees to the International admissions office. Now you will be provided with the Admission Letter provided by the College. After getting your Admission Letter, You will pay the Visa processing fees to the International Admissions Office. The International Admissions Office shall process the Visa and provide you with all the required documents. After Getting your Visa, you can book your air tickets to China after confirming the college opening dates with our International Admissions Office. After Getting your Visa, you can book your air tickets to China after confirming the college opening dates with our International Admissions Office. Now you are ready to fly and you will be received at the Airport and taken to College Campus. Complete assistance will be provided to see that you get settled in your hostel.

Whether Listed in Government approved 30 Univerities' list

There is no information available about SMC about its inclusion in the 30 approved universities by the govt. to recruit foreign stduents.

Foreign Students Program:

Tuition Fee

Hostel: The Hostel is well furnished. The twin sharing rooms has all the modern facilities with central heating, air conditioner, 24 hours running hot and cold water, attached bathrooms and provision of kitchens with self-cooking facilities. Individual rooms are also available on request. Cafeteria inside the college premises is clean and healthy. The college has a good well facilitated gymnasium. It also has all major sports units, like football, basketball etc.

Travel to Shenyang- The students who will be selected and thus have taken admission will have to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa in the Chinese embassy; Police verification certificate from the Chief of Police of his/her area. 3 colored recent passport size photographs. Blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV from any authentic laboratory. Medical certificate of fitness from any government hospital. Valid passport After they are approved admission by the University, the students will be sent a JW-202 forms (an invitation by the University to get a visa in the Chinese Embassy) within one month. They will also be sent an official acceptance letter by the University. They have to take these 2 along with the above mentioned documents with them when they are visiting Chinese embassy for application of the visa. They will be provided with the visa within 3-5 days of time from the Embassy. After the visa is stamped, they must take one way ticket from Isb to Urumqi to Shanyang or from Isb to Beijing to Shenyang. After landing on Shenyang airport, the University bus will be waiting to pick them up.

Food in the city -
All vegetarian and non vegetarian food are available as per need of a person. The food served is hygienic, fresh and available in a very affordable price compared to other countries.

Shopping in the city Main shopping centers in Shenyang are to be found in Taiyuan Jie and Zhong Jie. Taiyuan Jie is Shenyang's busiest street, a combination of business, dining and entertainment centers. Zhong Jie is 396 years old, the oldest business area in Shenyang and the longest pedestrian street anywhere in China. Pubs, restaurants and stores line both sides of this thriving street. Wu'ai Costume Market is located in Shenhe District. It is one of the most well-known wholesale clothing markets. There are dozens of stores in Nanhu Park selling curios, paintings, porcelains, woodcarvings, jade articles, ancient coins, and so on. In addition Shenyang specialties, such as feather paintings, juan hua (ornamental silk flowers), etc. can be found here. Every weekend Nanhu Park is filled with people who have come to either to enjoy shopping or merely to gaze upon the wonderful array of goods on sale. West Tower Street is another very famous business center in Shenyang. Almost all the people living here are Korean. With its distinctive flavor and booming nightlife, West Tower Street has become a real 'Sleepless City'. Thousands of visitors come here everyday to enjoy its unique ambience, especially during Korea Week.


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