Shihezi University, School of Medicine, Xinjiang, China

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Shihezi University, School of Medicine, Xinjiang, China

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Location & Info - Shihezi University is located in Xinjiang Province in China. Xinjiang province is bordered with Pakistan at Northern areas. The area of Xinjiang is double the area of whole Pakistan. Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang. Shihezi City is located in central northern part of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, about 150 kilometers northwest of Urumqi. It lies below the northern foothills of the Tian Mountains on the southern fringe of the desert in the Junggar Basin. Now known as "a shining pearl in the Gobi Desert," Shihezi City never fails to surprise the guests with its expanse of green in China's dry northwest. With clean tidy streets in the midst of all the greenery of the trees and with the flowers in bloom, it really is hard to associate this green city with the Gobi desert. In 2000, it won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment. Shihezi University is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in the garden city of Shihezi, just north of the Tianshan Mountains. It is a fully accredited university, resulting from a merger of Shihezi Agricultural College, Shihezi Medical College, Wujiaqu Economics College and Kuitun Teachers' College. The University was founded in 1949 at the time of the liberation of the Northwest. It is now celebrating more than 50 years of hard work and brilliant achievement. Since its founding, more than 50,000 students have graduated. The Medical College was set up in August, 1949. It experienced several stages of development. It is one of the first higher learning institutions with the right of conferring academic degrees authorized by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Education. There are also evening school and a nursing school attached to the college. At present, there are more than 45,00 students studying in the college. The teaching staff includes 50 professors, 155 associate professors and 450 lecturers. It has 5 affiliated hospitals and over 30 practicing hospitals, ten of which are “Class-A” hospitals. The 1st Affiliated Hospital has been entitled one of the Hundred Excellent Hospitals of the country.

Whether Listed in Government approved 30 Univerities' list

Till Date, Shihezi University is not listed among 30 government approved universites. Efforts are going on and in August of 2008, officials say that it will be in the list.

Weather - The climate of Shihezi is temperate and weathers are harsh, extreme temperatures reach both in winters and summers due to the desert environment. All four weathers can be seen. There is ample rain and snowfall seen. Winter starts in Oct and goes on till end of April. Coldest month being Jan, in which temperature may fall 20 degrees below zero. Hottest month is Aug, temp may range up to 40 C.

Contact(s) for Admission

Mr. Tahir Junaid Butt
No. 1, Street # 37, Sector G-6/2,
Islamabad, Pakistan
. Phone (051-2270099, 2824438), Mobile: +92 300 9551085, E-mail:

Mr. Shahid Gulrez Butt
42-Lower Mall,
, Pkaistan. Phone (041-7139217, 7355902), Mobile: +92 300 4400112 E-mail:

Foreign students' Program -
Shihezi Medical College offers course of MBBS for foreign students from all parts of the world, who can understand English. The medium of instruction is English. Course is at par in quality offered by medical colleges in other countries, especially in Pakistan
. A standard course approved by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) is followed. The program for foreign students actually started in October 2002. Currently 5 batches of students are studying, and 2 batches have passed out. Shihezi University have only Pakistani students.

Admission - There is equal opportunity for males and females. Students must have at least 60% unadjusted marks in their FSc (pre-medical) or equivalent examination. Every student must apply with the following documents;
FSc (pre-medical) detailed marks sheet or original certificate properly endorsed by the foreign office of Pakistan in Islamabad. Matriculation detailed marks sheet or original certificate properly endorsed by the foreign office of Pakistan in Islamabad. Photocopy of the ID card of the parent/guardian. Photocopy of a valid passport for at least 3 years. 5 attested recent passport size colored photographs. Contact details (address, e. mail, phone numbers). At the end of the last date, a merit list will be prepared and admissions will be offered to eligible candidates. There will neither be en entry test in Pakistan nor in China. Admissions are offered exclusively on the basis of FSc or equivalent examination marks. The students who wish to get admission must contact the office within 10 days of release of merit list. Otherwise, their right of getting admission will be forfeited and the next student on the waiting list will be offered a chance.

Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee US$ 3,000.00 per annum for two semesters
UniversityHostel US$ 700 per annum fortwo semesters (2 students sharing one room)
Total US$ 2500 per annum for two semesters

Other Expenses
All students must take into consideration the following expenses:
Food approximate cost US$600 per year
Pocket money US$600 per year
Books US$100 per year
Plus the air fare.

Hostel & Fee - This facility is provided by the university on paying of $700 per anum by each student in addition to the tuition fee: 16’ x 12’ room for two students, Full size closet, Telephone line (incoming only), Six drawer study table with a chair for each, Book shelf for each student, Two table lights, Single bed for each student along with the bedding and blanket, Attached bathroom (6’ x 5’) with toilet, Big mirror, Hot water available 24 hours + 365 days, Room central heating system free of cost

Travel to Shihezi - The students who will be selected and thus have taken admission will have to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa in the Chinese embassy; Police verification certificate from the Chief of Police of his/her area. 3 colored recent passport size photographs. Blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV from any authentic laboratory. Medical certificate of fitness from any government hospital. Valid passport After they are approved admission by the University, the students will be sent a JW-202 forms (an invitation by the University to get a visa in the Chinese Embassy) within one month. They will also be sent an official acceptance letter by the University. They have to take these 2 along with the above mentioned documents with them when they are visiting Chinese embassy for application of the visa. They will be provided with the visa within 3-5 days of time from the Embassy. After the visa is stamped, they must get a one-way ticket to
Urumqi, China. Note that only one airline caters this journey, viz. China Southern Airline. The flights schedule are Sat, Sun, Mon and Wed. A direct flight is advisable. Every person can carry not more than 30 Kgs of luggage without any additional expenses. After landing on Urumqi airport, the University bus will be waiting to pick them up. From Urumqi
to Shihezi, it is only 2 hours bus ride on motorway.

Food in the city - As far food is concerned, this city has a lot to offer. Muslim food is also available in plenty over here. Even the "nan" (bread) can be found with great ease. Meat is sold separately for Muslims and non-Muslims. Even you have a choice to buy live animal and make it slaughter. A lot of animals are available in the market. To name a few, lamb, cow, chicken, rabbit etc. Vegetables and fruits are presented at very cheap rates and superb quality. All seasonal vegetables and fruits can be found here or should we say, even more. These can be found easily in local green grocery markets or from hawkers. Foreign students had developed liaison with a cafe in the campus. The lady over here prepares a menu according to the students’ wishes and serves them the whole month with very nominal charges. To have an idea of charges for eating in this cafe 2 times a day, one can well imagine that it is worth nearly half the amount eating out. It is not said here that if you eat out, it will be expensive. This city is full of small restaurants and cafes. Any time you can go out and have anything you want from "Seekh tikka", "Chapain", fried fish to all sort of Chinese dishes. And you will not believe it that eating out is not as expensive as we think, although the choice of restaurants does matter.

Shopping in the city - Shopping in the city is charming, amusing and worth your money. A whole range of shops from very small, community based one, to a lot of super stores and super markets. You can buy anything you think of from these stores and surprisingly at very meager amount. All sort of clothing, for girls and boys, can be found with ease and in good rates.


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